Photography As A Career Option

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Photography is a beautiful art of capturing the world by click of a button. Photography enthusiasts can have access to formal education in photography by gaining diploma or certification from multiple institutes in the country. Learning photography by working as a trainee or assistant to an experienced photographer also helps one in developing competency related to this art form.

Students interested in photography are able to gain knowledge related to camera angles, lighting, and lenses in photography along with visual literacy. Use of software for editing and altering the images is also growing importance in contemporary scenario.

Some of the popular forms of photography which students can opt as career choice after proper training include:

Travel photography – One of the best combinations where you can follow your photography passion while visiting to exotic places from around the world. Several industries like travel magazines, books, marketing firms and newspapers etc pay handsome amount for clicking the stunning shots from striking locales as per their demands.

travel photography

Wedding Photography – If capturing the wedding ceremonies is your cup of tea, you can be a great wedding photographer. Starting salary in this vertical may be bit modest, but as you rise by taking assignments of big fat Indian weddings, you definitely will be able to generate a handsome of amount of money.

wedding photography

Event photography – Similar to wedding photography, capturing the events like seminars, corporate events, college fests, promotional events and cultural celebrations etc is a great deal for photography enthusiasts. They can work in newspapers or magazines which require this form of photography or work as freelancers. Also, properly managed photography blogs associated with events have a good scope of generating revenue.

event photography

Wildlife and nature photography – This is the most suitable career option for photographers who are hardcore nature lovers. The photographers works to capture the animals in their natural habitat due to which it is one of the most challenging and at the same time adventurous form of photography.

wildlife nature photography

Print media industries like magazines and newspapers associated with nature and wildlife provide employment in this form of photography.

Architectural photography – This is one of the underrated career choice in which the photographers need to take shots of buildings and other structures of the city. This type of photography has scope of employment in real estate sectors along with architectural and civil engineering related projects.


Fashion photography – if glitz and glamour of fashion and film industry attracts you, then this the most suitable form of career selection. Photography for portfolio of models, clothing advertisements and images for fashion magazines are some of the dimensions connected to fashion photography.

fashion photography

This form of career not only gives a scope to earn good amount of money but also gives chance to meet popular models and film personalities on regular basis during their photo shoots.

With options of all these forms of photography, one can choose to work either as an employee     or can start his own independent studio and fill the world with artistic treasures.

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